What we do



We have the capacity, capabilities and experience to successfully execute any project from concept to commissioning. Our versatile service approach—offering both turnkey and package based options—enables us to deliver the most effective and viable solutions on a global scale.

Our integrated business model, along with our electrical, controls and instrumentation expertise and international experience, has helped us achieve an excellent track record of success. From design and construction to installation and commissioning, to technical support and maintenance services, we provide a management team that understands your needs and those of the project. By providing a single point of contact and taking ownership of the project from start to finish, we can ensure a seamless and professional experience.

At Drakken we pride ourselves at providing world-class project management solutions for complex, multi-faceted projects. Some of the services/deliverables include: Project Execution Plan, HSE Plans, Document Control, Procurement Expediting, Logistics Support and Project Schedule.



The Drakken engineering team is comprised of industry professionals with decades of experience. Based on specific project requirements, engineering deliverables are created that range from basic cost-effective design to complex detailed design. Engineering resources are flexible to meet the needs of the client.

  • Design Philosophy
  • Studies & Reports (Power, Earthing and Lightning Protection, Lighting)
  • Sizing Calculations (UPS, Transformer, Cables)
  • Specifications (Electrical Rooms, AC/DC UPS, LV/HV Switchgear, Distribution
  • Boards, Transformers, Bulks)
  • Datasheets
  • Material Take-Offs
  • Schedules and Lists (Cables, Relay protection, Load List, Distribution Boards, Equipment)
  • Layouts (Equipment, Cable Tray, Cable Routing, Lighting and Small Power, MCT, Earthing, and Lightning Protection)
  • Single Line Diagrams (HV/LV Switchboard, Distribution Boards, AC/DC UPS, Small Power)
  • Interconnection Diagrams
  • Schematics (MV/LV, MCC, Power Distribution Boards Interconnection)
  • Installation Detail Drawings
  • System Design (ICSS, SIS, PCS,ESD, FGS, SCADA)
  • Architecture Drawings (ICSS, SIS, PCS,ESD, FGS, SCADA)
  • Studies & Reports (SIL, HAZOP, RAM)
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • Specifications (ICSS, SIS, PCS,ESD, FGS, SCADA, Interfaces, Cables, Bulks)
  • Datasheets
  • Schedules and Lists (Cables, I/O, Modbus, Equipment)
  • Layouts (MCT, Junction boxes, equipment, instrument, Hazardous Area, MCT) • Control Narrative (ICSS, SIS, PCS,ESD, FGS, SCADA)
  • Cause & Effect Charts
  • ESD Logic diagram
  • Loop Drawings
  • Typical (Installation Drawing, Wiring & Interconnection)
  • Instrument, Control valve, PSV, Flowmeter sizing and selection
  • Annunciation
  • Automation Programming
  • Vendor Neutral
  • Specifications (PAGA, ICT, LAN, CCTV, VOIP, ACS, SMS)
  • Architecture Drawings (PAGA, ICT, CCTV, ACS, SMS)
  • Calculation Sheets and configuration tables
  • Schedules and Lists (Cables, Equipment)
  • Layouts (PAGA, VOIP, ICT, CCTV, SMS, ACS)
  • Cause & Effect Charts
  • Loop and tie-in Drawings
  • Typical (Installation Drawing, Wiring & Interconnection) • Studies & Reports (Noise coverage)


At Drakken, we understand that project and construction management is an integral part of every job. Our focus on this area led to the implementation of our ISO9001:2015 compliant quality management system, which acts as a strict guideline for everything we do.

services & deliverables
  • Construction Methodology
  • Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Procedure
  • Risk Assessment and HSE Protocols
  • Material Management
  • Factory Acceptance Testing [FAT]
  • Test Procedures and ReportS
  • Construction Schedule Management
  • System Startup and Commissioning
  • System Operational Test Procedures
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Switchgear/MCC Startup and Commissioning
  • Cable Pulling and Testing
  • Cable Trays Installation
  • Lighting and Small Power Installation Procedures
  • UPS and Transformers Installation & Testing
  • Control System Startup and Commissioning
  • Cable Pulling & Testing
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Instrument Loop Checks
  • Control & Safety Systems
  • Operational Test Procedures
  • Site Acceptance (SAT)
  • Cause & Effect Testing
  • ITRA’s/ ITRB’s
  • Commissioning Plans
  • FO Cable Pulling
  • Equipment Installation Procedures
  • Call Manager Configuration and Testing
  • Loop Testing
  • FO and CAT Cable Installation & Testing
  • Patch Panel Installation and Testing Procedures
  • License & Activation
  • Impedance & Sound Level Testing


Electrical Rooms / Substations (Fire Rated, Blast Proof, Pressurized) Onshore and Offshore
Control Rooms (Fire Rated, Blast Proof, Pressurized) Onshore and Offshore
Modular Instrument Air Buildings (Solar and Conventional)
Full scope panel design and fabrication, Control Panels, RTU's, RIO Cabinets, Power Distribution and Marshalling Junction Boxes



Drakken has the technical depth and experience to become your single point of contact for all of your project requirements for electrical and instrumentation. Onshore or offshore, we provide the specified technical solutions you need to power and control your project. Drakken designs, supplies and integrates systems into the overall project design for seamless power distribution, control and monitoring.

  • Electrical rooms / Substations (fire rated, blast proof, pressurized)
  • LV & MV Distribution (switchgear, MCC, VFD, DB, Relay, Genset, turbines)
  • Transformers (HV, LV & Isolation)
  • Ups systems (AC, DC)
  • Earthing systems (cables, rods, crimps, lugs, c-taps)
  • Lightning protection (mast, air terminals, arrestors, surge protection)
  • Lighting (mast, fixtures, brackets, fittings)
  • Heat trace system (cables, control panels, power/end kits, accessories)
  • Cables & glands (HV/LV, MCT)
  • Miscellaneous (junction boxes, power & welding sockets)
  • Cable tray systems
  • Analyzers (conductivity, density, O2, oil in H20, turbidity, watercut, BS&W)
  • Control valves & positioners (anti-cavitation, butterfly, globe)
  • Emergency shutdown & relief valves (ball, butterfly, gate)
  • Flowmeters (Coriolis, differential cone, electromagnetic, orifice plate, turbine, vortex, variable area, Venturi, totalizers)
  • Level transmitters (tuning forks, capacitance, differential pressure, displacement, guided wave radar, Magnetostrictive)
  • Level gauges & switches (traditional, magnetic, reflex, tuning forks
  • Pressure instrumentation (transmitters, gauges, regulators, safety valves)
  • Temperature instrumentation (transmitters, gauges, thermowells, sensors, switches)
  • Fire & gas instrumentation (H2S, methane, flammable gas)
  • Miscellaneous (IB, valves, cables, tubing & fittings, sunshades, adapters, manual alarm call points)
  • PAGA systems (cabinets, loudspeakers, flashing beacons, testing equipment)
  • CCTV systems (cabinets, fixed/dome/PTZ cameras, cables, testing equipment)
  • Security management systems - SMS (assembled & factory tested cabinets)
  • Access control systems - ACS (assembled and factory tested cabinets)
  • Voice & data systems (switches, routers, licenses, patch panels & cords, fibre optic cables, data & power sockets)
  • Miscellaneous (JB, earthing, surge arrestors, nuts, bolts, connectors, sleeves, conduits)
  • Control rooms (fire rated, blast proof, pressurized)
  • Control & safety systems (assembled & factory tested cabinets)
  • Turn-key automation solutions
  • PLC & DCS process control system
  • SCADA & telemetry (RTU) system
  • Safety system – ESD, FGS, HIPPS
  • Leak detection system (LDS)
  • Command control center
  • Cyber security


Customized, plug-and-play solutions for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and their applications. Offshore and onshore. EHouses are customized to suit various environmental conditions and applications. Our extensive experience and proven engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, testing, and transportation allow us to effectively customize to suit project priorities. This has resulted in successful projects that meet international standards with the highest level of professionalism. These units can come fully integrated with the following components:

  • MV, LV switch gears
  • Motor control centre
  • Redundant ups & battery systems
  • Process control systems
  • Fire and gas system
  • Emergency shut down system
  • Scada and MIS
  • Power management system


Drakken is an authorized system integrator with major OEM’s such as Siemens, Emerson, Iconics.

Siemens Emerson Iconics

Drakken has extensive experience with other major OEM’s such as:

  • Rockwell
  • ABB
  • Schneider
  • Wonderware SCADA
  • Honeywell
  • Yokogawa
  • Iconics


Drakken has a proven testing and commissioning system, comprised of experienced technicians, supervisors, managers and specialists equipped with proprietary software for the effective development of commissioning systems, testing equipment and tracking the completion of activities.

Based on three levels of progressive inspections and tests, Drakken personnel verify the mechanical completion, pre-commissioned and commissioned installation and functionality of each device as part of the overall Electrical, Instrumentation and Control systems. Utilizing industry leading test equipment, a large library of Inspection Test Reports and an intimate understanding of the commissioning processes, Drakken personnel can quickly and effectively qualify plant sub-systems and prepare them for overall system integration. Client confidence in plant operability is bolstered by the thorough, detailed and organized completion of individual test reports to ensure traceability and capture performance data for future reference.

In addition to Commissioning, Drakken maintains a team of COMPEX certified Hazardous Area Specialists, tasked with the inspection and qualification of equipment according to IEC 60079 for installation of equipment in a hazardous environment. By utilizing the same systems and techniques, the complete inspection of a facility can be efficiently completed and tracked to provide confidence that all equipment has been suitably selected and installed to ensure safe operation.



Drakken provides Operations, Maintenance and call off support for its clients. Our teams execute daily operation and maintenance of Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation systems for energy production facilities, industrial manufacturing and processing facilities and commercial buildings.

Drakken employs highly trained electrical, instrumentation and automation personnel to provide a full-service offering including: preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, high voltage switching, SAEP duties, control system modifications, equipment calibrations and configuration, facility upgrades, consultation services, hazardous area inspections, retrofits and remote automation support.

Drakken field personnel integrate with our engineering and project teams to deliver solutions quickly and effectively for each client and facility providing solutions in any location. By championing site safety, our activities are always completed with the highest regard to the safety of people, equipment and the environment.