Quality Policy

Drakken’s Quality Management System (QMS) creates the basic structures for operational success. It is embedded in the company culture, endorsed by top management and integrated into the fundamental framework of the company. Drakken’s commitment to quality principles ensures interested parties’ satisfaction, risk consideration, and continual improvement of performance modelled after the ISO 9001:2015 framework.

Drakken makes QMS ownership functional, specific, readily applicable and distributed across the organization. The quality policy is widely communicated and accessible to employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. Modelling the QMS to the ISO standard provides a structured approach to issue consideration, risk and opportunity control and the establishment of meaningful quality objectives in line with this policy. The QMS addresses and supports our strategies for the supply of world class project management, engineering, integration, and automation products and services that achieve stakeholder requirements.

Drakken will continuously improve upon its QMS through the use of project and process objectives, measurement, review/audit findings, data analysis and management review. Communication is the emphasis of our approach, with each internal and external interested party having roles and responsibilities within the context of the QMS.

Pursuant to the way Drakken fundamentally operates, commitment to quality, health, safety and integrity will be at the core of all business activities.