Drakken Partners with CarbonAi in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects

August 11, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Drakken is partnering with CarbonAi in a new technology venture focused on the integration, automation, and acceleration of greenhouse gas emission management and emission reduction projects.

CarbonAi is an emission reduction project developer with a proprietary software platform at the forefront of technology. They facilitate and accelerate transparent emissions reduction projects. “The platform has the ability to integrate with existing data sources to tackle corporate and regulatory barriers that prevent, delay or inhibit emission tracking, mitigation and removal” says founder and CEO Ryan Arsenault.

Finding ways to aggressively reduce emissions is one of the world’s biggest challenges, and it’s a huge opportunity for those willing to seize the initiative. They are passionate about pushing forward to faster, more integrated emission reduction solutions through carbon finance and emission offsets, leveraging the power of data to execute their projects.

For companies in emission-intensive sectors and industries, the willingness is there, but the challenge can seem impossible. Whether working with management of regulatory obligations, implementing GHG mitigation, or executing removal projects, CarbonAi aims to shift the paradigm and create faster, more integrated and more effective solutions using the latest technology.

CarbonAi will now be powered by our content management system, Lukla, which is an entirely cloud-based and folderless system which provides members with access to any of their documents, anywhere in the world in under 10 seconds. 

CarbonAi will be supported by Drakken’s expertise in global project management. With large-scale projects executed across 4 continents, we deliver engineering, integration, and automation products and services to the world’s energy sector, placing us in a uniquely qualified position to partner with CarbonAi in their innovative emissions reduction projects. 

We are looking forward to working on these exciting new projects with CarbonAi and bringing our collective expertise together to execute greenhouse gas emission reduction projects globally. Together, Drakken and CarbonAi are ready to create the data-led future for environmentally sound business

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