September 09, 2015

Dubai, UAE

Nearly 16 months after finalizing the commissioning of the fast track production of the project, Drakken is substantially demobilized with a small maintenance team that will be on site until nearly the end of the year.

 “We are very proud of our team. We put nearly 4,000 mandays on site with no LTI’s and the result was a successful acceptance of Train 1 with a satisfied customer.”, commented Ryan Arsenault, Drakken Director.


Drakken was involved with this project since inception and played a large part in developing the engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction management, and commissioning. The project was showcased as an example of Drakken's ability to deliver full scope integration for Automation, Power Generation & Distribution, Instrumentation, and Facility Commissioning. Engineering and procurement for the project was completed across four Drakken offices in Dubai, Calgary, Pakistan and the UK with the project team coordinating logistics for 147 shipments landed on site.
Project Manager Ben Watts said,"We’re really excited. This was a major accomplishment and we all remained focussed, safe, and committed on this project. It feels really good to hit this milestone. Drakken has once again demonstrated our ability to provide premiere start to finish integration of an advanced facility in one of the most difficult and dangerous environments on the globe."

About the project

The facility is a fast track Early Production Facility (EPF),  being developed through a multi-phase approach. The EPF will consist of two production trains, a “sweet” 30,000 BPD train (known as Train 1) and a “sour” 10,000 BPD train (known as Train 2). Train 1 of the EPF will have the ability to process circa 30,000 BPD oil to meet an export oil specification of: 1% BS&W, <10psia RVP, <20ppm(w) H2S and <21PTB salt content. The facility has integrated oil and produced water storage, acid gas handling, and on site truck offload capability. Up to twelve (12) wells are expected to be tied in overtime to the EPF. Each of these wells will be artificial lifted by electro submersible pumps (ESPs).


About Drakken

Drakken is a leading provider of fully integrated project and construction management services to the worlds energy producers. Drakken focuses on turnkey project execution to deliver power generation and distribution, electrical and instrumentation and industrial automation services.

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