Why Is It Important to Choose a System Integrator That Also Does Construction and Commissioning?

March 01, 2021

Seeing a project through from concept to commissioning can feel like an art and a science, with perfection always just out of reach. Between all of the myriad things that can go wrong at every stage of a project, be it in overall management of engineering and construction, or in fabrication and procurement, even right down to ongoing operations and maintenance – it can often seem like having a unifying system integrator to handle everything would be too good to be true.

Drakken is a unique system integrator in the electrical and instrumentation automation industry because the solutions we provide are, in fact, fully integrated: we take complete ownership of projects in all aspects.
Here are some of the benefits of choosing a system integrator that will also execute the construction and commissioning:

o Risk reduction

Normally, in projects where there is no one system integrator handling all aspects of a project, there is a huge range of varying interface points to be handled - very often, this falls to the client. Many system integrators will handle the control system, but in a totally integrated solution, the systems executed include power systems, power generation, rotating equipment controls, instrumentation, PAGA, annunciation, access control, control system and remote access.

Giving complete scope of integration to one contractor transfers ownership and responsibility to the contractor. In a system of integrated solutions, it’s all covered – there is a transfer of risk, from client to contractor, in making sure the system works. The contractor takes on the risk, and the client rests assured that everything in the E&I scope of the project is being managed by world-class professionals in the field.

o Scheduling

Following on from the risk around system integration, in a system like ours, the schedule is managed as part of a seamless flow from construction right through to commissioning. The schedule can be completely owned by the system integrator and that actually works out as a benefit to all parties. For example, when the same electrical and instrumentation company does on-site install and commissioning, it ensures that the correct people, equipment, materials, tools, and documentation are on site on any given day and ready to go. It avoids the schedule risks that might ultimately be borne by the client if there were to be any delays. So we are responsible for complete integration testing – and all the logistics are handled by us, as well.

o Avoiding delays

A perennial drain on resources in our industry are the inevitable delays when systems and lines of communication aren’t integrated. The electrical and instrumentation team will be the last team on a construction site, and the last team off the site. Everything else needs to be finished before we can install instruments or a control system – and any delays in those construction or communication elements mean that there is a day-for-day delay on starting up the facility! We avoid issues like this by being integrated from the start.

o Cost impact

The unfortunate consequence of time delays is extra costs. Countless times, we have seen companies save a small amount of money initially by hiring a cheaper system integrator, but if even one element within the system is missed, that all-important startup date is delayed.

o In-depth knowledge:

Because we have been overseeing the project from day one, we eliminate the inevitable costs in time and money that it normally takes for a third party to understand the system, the drawings, the underlying design philosophy, and so on. We’ve been there from the start. We look downfield and mitigate the potential cost and schedule bottlenecks to meet the schedule.

Finally, and very importantly for our clients, we provide one single point of contact, and manage projects in a streamlined way by stripping down what can be numerous and over-complicated lines of communication. We know our clients want to get the job done, and we are good at doing just that in the best possible way.

At Drakken, our experienced teams know about all the ways things can go wrong, and pride ourselves on having created a system of highly skilled, capable and efficient solutions, which drastically cuts risk for clients, keeps the schedule working seamlessly on time while avoiding time delays and loss of money, and provides the familiarity and security of a single point of contact throughout an entire project. If you are ready to learn more about how Drakken can transform the experience of your business, click the link to learn more: https://drakken.co/electrical-instrumentation-automation

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