Pre-developed Systems for Construction

May 31, 2021

Have you ever wished that the construction team in charge of your project came with streamlined systems, ready to go? We at Drakken do just that.

We have developed several systems for implementation in the field, ranging from quality control and safety systems, through construction method statements and processes to commissioning manuals.

Many companies in the same industry do not provide their own adaptable systems, instead implementing third-party solutions. Our proven experience, having developed our own systems which encompass all aspects of Drakken’s activities, save time in the preparation of site activities, streamline construction practices and guarantee high quality and safety for customers.


Quality Control Processes

Quality should be the byword of all aspects of construction development. But often, we see it being implemented as an afterthought, rather than as a critical component from the beginning. Leaving quality control to the last minute is a false economy, as we will show below. Here are our top three most compelling reasons to insist on quality control during construction. 

In the long run, the total cost of construction and lifetime maintenance of all systems with robust quality control is less than it would have been without quality control. Increased insurance, repair and maintenance negate any savings made in the omission of quality control at the beginning.


Drakken’s Systems

At Drakken we ensure the highest quality in construction by utilizing an Inspection Test Report (ITR) system with multiple stages to verify quality throughout the build, capturing any deficiencies early, limiting cost and time impacts. These are broken down by static and dynamic tests at each stage of Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning. 

We also retain a large library of these protocols to cover almost any E&I system, with method statements and safe work practices to support the installation, allowing for time and cost savings for generation and preparation of site-specific quality and execution plans.


Our HSE Protocols

Along with this library of systems, the availability of our method statements, safe work practices and job safety analysis for specific tasks and equipment can be utilized to quickly communicate the construction requirements to new hires, subcontractors or third parties, which is critical when working in multiple global regions, with manpower at varying levels of technical skill. This uniformity of construction processes and requirements ensure the standardization of high-quality installations, whether the project is in Iraq, Nigeria or Canada.

Correspondingly, with HSE processes, systems and documentation being complete and readily available, these can be quickly adapted and utilized to effectively communicate the HSE requirements for a specific site, ensuring a safe work environment for all stakeholders. 

This allows us at Drakken to easily detail to clients and stakeholders how we intend to construct the systems, what safety measures are in place for safe work, and the processes which will ensure a high standard of quality.



Using Lukla, which is our own system for information management and document control, it is very easy to manage bulk work flows on large sets of documentation – from anywhere in the world. We work with the expectation of delivering access to any document on the global system in less than 15 seconds. We have successfully designed and executed large-scale ITR programs for tens of thousands of documents on large facilities.

Because we have spent more than a decade developing these systems, their use and implementation has become ingrained in the culture. It’s all integrated into our document control system, providing complex system implementation in a straightforward, user-friendly manner. 

Having our systems integrated into Lukla has allowed us to provide this as a value-added service, enabling our customers to minimize the time, cost and personnel required to effectively manage site quality and safety systems.

Our pre-developed systems continue to give Drakken the edge in world-class systems integration.

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