Drakken's Approach to Module Supply

August 19, 2021

Drakken has executed numerous modular projects across the globe. We have successfully supplied fit-for-purpose e-houses, control rooms, utility and lab modules to clients across the Middle east, Africa, Asia and North America. The concept of an e-house in particular requires some elaboration as it is generally the most complex when it comes to modular projects. A complete and ready e-house package generally consists of the complete design, supply, fabrication, assembly and testing of


Drakken’s modules are packaged as a single unit, in the most complete state possible. At the point of delivery, the client will receive the module ready for collection and placement on their project location in one lift, with equipment installed within, hooked up and tested. As a result, Drakken executes these projects in a cost-effective UAE fabrication environment, and drastically reduces time and cost for the client on-site. This method completes modular assembly as early as possible in the client’s overall schedule, thus mitigating the risk of potential delays at a more advanced stage of the project.

When Drakken delivers the module at the project location, placement on the vessel/foundation is achieved . Once lifting is complete Drakken will supervise the site labour teams in installing the building, then reassemble the platforms, rooftop HVAC units and external accessories such as lighting fixtures. Now the package is complete, the remaining steps are limited to:


Most importantly, our solutions are fit for purpose. We take pride in our ability to provide fast track and cost effective solutions when it comes to modular supply. Here are some of the ways in which we optimize these projects. Where advantageous to the client, Drakken can complete all aspects of the project in the UAE. This execution method ensures that risks to safety, quality and schedule are significantly reduced compared with overseas and multi-national integrators.


Drakken works with a small group of existing partners in the UAE. The benefits include efficient working relationships, standing discounts and payment terms. Non-exclusive agreements allow flexibility for individual projects.


At the core of each project is a baseline project schedule. The project schedule is the tool that merges all of the work tasks to be performed, their relationships, their estimated durations, and their assigned resources to a calendar. Our delivery commitments are derived from a level 3 project schedule that is baselined pre- & post-award for each project. This serves as the driving tool for keeping the project on track and progress reporting to the client.


Drakken’s integrated service offering includes a comprehensive documentation package. Key deliverables include:


The IFAT is a critical component of Drakken’s ‘single unit’ philosophy, as it proves to the client that they have a unit which will install with minimal effort and will arrive at the project location performing exactly as expected. Any defects or requested alterations can be quickly implemented in the module facility. Compared with performing integration testing on-ste, this significantly reduces the risk of delay as parts and labour are immediately available in the UAE.

The IFAT consists of 3 portions:


Our ability to effectively improve and execute the construction scope of work while achieving all stakeholder requirements and exceeding expectations has proven to be a major advantage to all of our clients. Some of the services we can provide on-site include:


Our modular buildings can be fitted with a wide range of power equipment and components. As a pre-fabricated solution, all components are pre-configured before being installed inside and ensure a high degree of functionality and reliability. Built for purpose. On time every time.

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